the Avocado Moment

One evening, a young-ish lady was slicing avocados to prepare for dinner. As she was slicing, she overheard an interview on NPR that would change her life. An NPR journalist was speaking to a woman about building the wall along the Mexico border. The woman in favor of the wall, began to state "facts" that were entirely false about Mexicans, immigrants, and trade.


While shaking her head in disbelief, the young-ish lady noticed the label on her avocado read: "Hecho en Mexico". Realizing she could one day go without avocados and thus spiral into an endless fried food binge, she shouted in anger: "What in the world is wrong with people!?" Lo and behold, America gets most of its avocados from Mexico. If you were a Mexican politician setting rules for sending Americans avocados for expensive salads and body butters, what would do?

What in the world? is an attempt to make issues such as trade, migration, national security, and all those other fancy topics, relevant. Foreign policy is in everything we do, eat, drink, wear, and everywhere we go. Since that's the case, this show will hopefully help you understand what's going on out there in the world and why it matters to you, the regular American just trying to eat a healthy salad.

creator & producer: Bunmi Akinnusotu

The Oprah of Foreign Policy

Somewhere in DC posing on a corner I probably shouldn't!

Somewhere in DC posing on a corner I probably shouldn't!

Bunmi Akinnusotu is a first-generation American who spent countless hours listening to her Nigerian relatives argue and debate world politics. Though born and raised in the rebel state of Rhode Island, the idea of a world outside of America has always been part of her consciousness and is the motivation behind this show. She's got lots of degrees, worked for amazing organizations, and smiles at a dope Excel spreadsheet. Bunmi is a recovering collegiate volleyball player, the world's biggest Nina Simone fan and still has a love affair with Chicago. While she's busy trying to become America's first Nigerian-American Ambassador, she works at a prominent University in Washington, DC.